Paul Smyth

Paul Smyth has a 30-year career profile spanning a rare mix of military and think-tank employment.  His experience encompasses crisis management, planning expertise, performance setting and assessment, operational and combat experience, research and analysis, strategic liaison, international collaboration and media commentary.  He is currently the owner of R3I Consulting (

A government is supposed to promote and preserve national interests, so both at home and abroad it should adopt a strategic perspective when forming national policies or dealing with crises. The UK governments approach to Syria is therefore rather disappointing as instead of acting in line with strategic priorities it appears to be driven by a...Full Article »
Although the struggle in Afghanistan is far from over it is possible to draw lessons from Britain’s involvement thus far which may prove of use in future crises. In the first of a series of reflections on such lessons this article will consider how Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) presented it’s Afghanistan policy to the British...Full Article »
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For NATO, the Libyan crisis is a welcome success. The Alliance largely fulfilled it’s United Nations mandate to protect civilians and member states wanting Gaddafi’s removal. Officials in Brussels and the other coalition capitals may feel justifiably pleased, but behind any pride or contentment should be a major concern that casts a...Full Article »
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Although it is not yet over, the NATO-led campaign in Libya is drawing to a close and interest will now grow in post-intervention reviews that look for ‘lessons learned’. In theory, by identifying mistakes that were made, factors that shaped operations and successful activities or decisions, NATO might enhance its performance in...Full Article »
The news that the Royal Air Force (RAF) will be making a number of trainee aircrew redundant has unsurprisingly attracted some media hype. Why the paper that broke the story could not wait a couple of days for the students involved to be briefed first by their chain of command is unclear. Disspelling rumours There is no public...Full Article »
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