Christopher Bradley

Christopher Bradley is in his final year of studying Politics and International Relations after which he plans on taking a taught Masters in International Affairs. His dissertation topic is based around European Union enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy. He takes a special interest in Global Governance.

His blog may be found here.

At the end of the introductory article ‘Peering Across the Procurement Pond: Will Great Britain and the EU Tie the Military Knot?’ I left some key questions unresolved. Why does the European Union need a military now, but did not when the USSR was perched on its doorstep? Why might not the EU rely on the military might of the US in...Full Article »
Indeed, what has changed since 1989 which might put the European Union in a different situation and justify a militarised foreign policy? The answer is almost everything has changed. In the Cold War there was a structure which was largely understood, certainly credible and thus legitimate; the US/USSR dichotomy. Now there is a weak and...Full Article »
David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have met recently to discuss the much contested notional future of a European security and defence policy; or rather, an amalgamation of their respective armed forces. This is a strategic discussion that has been going on between the two nations for the better part of two decades. It has long seemed...Full Article »