Dominic Hyde

Dominic is an internationally recognized authority on camouflage pattern design and is a member of the International Camouflage Uniform Society. Dominic’s lifelong interest in the art of concealment - having experimented with different camouflage techniques and patterns since childhood - has led him to design over two thousand camouflage patterns for clothing, vehicles and infrastructure installations. Dominic also put his interest in camouflage and concealment to practical use during his military service with a Territorial regiment of the British Army’s Royal Artillery.

In 2008 Dominic’s camouflage design business, Hyde Definition, became one of the first companies in the UK to offer a consultancy service for site-specific visual signature mitigation requirements.

You can reach Hyde Definition at:

+44(0) 208 321 0302

Personal camouflage is synonymous with modern soldiering, and camouflage patterns are found adorning all manner of military equipment. It has not always been so, however. In fact, the widespread modern adoption of camouflage is a relatively recent phenomenon, closely tied with the development of societies and military technology. Few...Full Article »