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My most recent ‘road to Damascus’ experience struck me as I waded through knee-high piles of research material in my office - all part of an on-going search for the raison d'ëtre of Somali Piracy. It was a revelation of sorts as it is one of those questions that only begets more of the same, but it led me down a path we have...Full Article »
Policy is the player The EU’s response (Operation ATALANTA) to Somali Piracy under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), once hailed as progressive, is now facing increasing criticism from western press and policymakers. Having been extended beyond its original tenure, it is now caste by many as a limited operation designed...Full Article »
The coalition government’s recent public disclosure that they were in consultation with the Canadians over joint warship design has arrested a potential deal which could have created hundreds of high technology engineering jobs in both countries. "The global combat ship frigate programme does indeed present a tremendous opportunity...Full Article »
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Critical Infrastructure (CI), is by definition, critical to a nation’s economic and social fabric. Those sectors which define its influence encapsulate every aspect of modern life and continue to act as a foundation for future economic prosperity. In Canada, that pivotal relationship is increasingly supported by the private sector and the...Full Article »
"Cheap for us and nasty for the Germans"- Churchill 1940 Though Churchill perhaps did not intend the above to apply to the current state of the British Royal Navy, this author’s co-opting of its underlying sentiment may hopefully be forgiven. In fact, this famous Lend-Lease quote does have some relevance still, and to spell that out...Full Article »
It is probably a futile exercise to add to the invective that has followed the publication of David Cameron’s much-heralded and financially-driven SDSR. However, many in the broader defence community find it difficult to fathom the logic of a paper that delivers such swingeing cuts against a service for whom today’s ever-changing...Full Article »
While media headlines abound and the mass ongoing conventional naval campaign against Somalia’s maritime piracy has dominated the minds of the world’s maritime security experts, security conditions in the Gulf of Guinea continue to decline rapidly. In fact, the heady mix of failing states, organised crime and a lack of maritime...Full Article »
In the foggy early summer waters of the Eastern Seaboard off North America, the Royal Navy has staked its claim for ASW (anti-submarine warfare) primacy among its NATO allies. In a recent Canadian exercise (Halcyon RV), the UK Carrier Strike Group headed by HMS Ark Royal was able to optimise its employment of the Merlin, Maritime Patrol...Full Article »
(This article represents a speculative interpretation on an alternative shape of the Canadian Navy in 2030, based purely on contemporary security trends and the author’s analysis. It in no way represents the view of Department of National Defence (DND) or Government of Canada.) Many pundits were surprised by the extent of the 2013 national...Full Article »