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As the Olympics near, the billions pouring into business and local government will attract criminals and siphoning off money from business accounts will be hard to detect, says Iron Keys' Jeremy Freeman. As the hours and minutes on official Olympic clock in Trafalgar Square run down, the hopes of many UK's businesses are rising in...Full Article »
Passwords are no longer enough to protect critical data in a mobile age claims Stephen Howes, Chief Technology Officer, GrIDsure. Protecting sensitive data – be it installing a system, or managing information on behalf of in-house or third-party clients – has never been more important in a world where top-secret US files can find...Full Article »
When evaluating our effectiveness in dealing with cyber defence, we have two layers of uncertainty and risk: how effectively are we protecting critical information, and what are the adversaries actually getting and how might they use it against us? In today's interconnected world, we regularly deal with systems of overwhelming...Full Article »
In an exclusive for, the US Coast Guard's Lt. Cmdr. Chris O'Neil, describes the response to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and how it is influencing future US national contingency plans, including the development of a common operational picture, or COP, through use of GPS, Automatic Identification System, and...Full Article »
Neil Fisher, vice president of global security solutions at Unisys warns that a cyber weapon of mass disruption in the Cloud could have a hugely catastrophic effect on any company or country. It's time to beat the enemy at their own game. They think they can hide behind the Cloud. They can't but we can. Internet hackers are not...Full Article »
The effects of the global economic downturn, including shrinking tax revenues and budget constraints, are causing governments everywhere to tighten their belts and look for ways to operate more efficiently Among the possible technology solutions, cloud computing is capturing a lot of attention for its cost-savings potential especially in the...Full Article »
Borderpol slams politicians and government officials: "Eight years after 9/11 we have not even begun discussions on an internationally shared watch list which could be available to embassy staff, immigration officials, border police and airport security staff involved in implementing travel, aviation and border security." As governments...Full Article »