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Laurent is the Assistant Editor at and specialises in security and terrorism issues, in which he has earned a Masters from the University of Kent. He has a background in arms control research and publication.

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A recent number of add-on pod systems for coalition strike air platforms in Afghan and Iraqi theatres has added recon capability to aircraft not typically employed as reconnaissance platforms. This has proved necessary to overcome operational requirements in Afghanistan and Iraq – as demands have increased for current and relevant...Full Article »
The last few years have seen a change in the landscape in geocentric orbit, with more than 3500 satellites currently in various orbits, not to mention the amount of space junk, estimates of which have already passed the tens of millions of pieces. To date, eight collisions have taken place between orbiting satellites, the latest of these in 2009...Full Article »
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As the situation in Afghanistan evolves, NATO ISAF forces continue to benefit from increased network capabilities both on the battlefield and back at base. Thales, provider for the last four years of the information communications system which ISAF forces use to plan and co-ordinate, has recently been confirmed as operator for the next two years...Full Article »
With the first use - in anger - of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft over Libya, and the imminent handing over of control by the US to NATO commanders, the Libyan No Fly Zone, though less than a week old, is entering a new phase. Heavy bombardment has so far eliminated the vast majority of the country’s air defence networks, but all reports...Full Article »
Inspect-a-Gadget Defence Showcase Laurent Rathborn reporting on site The Honourable Artillery Company Armour House The latest in defence technology was on show last Friday at an expo in Armoury House, home of the Honourable Artillery Company. The recent deep defence cuts have spurred a number of innovative technical solutions to...Full Article »
Recent events in the Middle East have highlighted the ways in which air defence power may be used to suppress internal insurgency, with calls for a no-fly zone over Libya growing by the day. An arms embargo has been in place against the country since the 26th of February, when UN Resolution 1970 was enacted as an emergency response to the...Full Article »
China’s phenomenal economic growth over the last decade has shadowed an equally rapid increase in the level of sophistication of its armed forces. Modernisation programmes, defence manufacturing and aerospace research and development are accelerating, and nowhere has this been more apparent in recent months than with the unveiling of China...Full Article »
Negotiations continue between Russia and the United States over the latter’s plan for a missile defence shield. Cooperation is at a high thanks largely to the "reset" in diplomatic relations occasioned by the recent ratification of the New START treaty by both sides, but serious stumbling blocks remain in the shape of the latter’s...Full Article »
As the humanitarian situation in Libya deteriorates, forces loyal to Col Gaddafi have retaken both initiative and ground lost in the first round of protests. Counterattacks against rebel forces have been widespread in the last week, culminating in the recapture of Bin Jawad, an important stepping stone towards Ras Lanuf, a rebel-held oil town....Full Article »
A recent market report by the Teal Group predicts that the worldwide market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will hit $94 Billion in 2011. Pakistan is ramping up its internal UAV production programme and Ministers in the UK have warned that the country is headed towards routine use of UAVs in policing operations. Some police forces have been...Full Article »
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