James Giordano

James Giordano, PhD, is Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, and Chair of the Project in Military Medical Ethics of the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, at Georgetown University Medical Center. As well, he is J5 Donovan Group Senior Fellow, Biowarfare and Biosecurity, at US Special Operations Command, (USSOCOM).  He has served as Senior Science Advisory Fellow to the SMA Group of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon; as Research Fellow and Task Leader of the EU-Human Brain Project Sub-Program on Dual-Use Brain Science, and as an appointed member of the Neuroethics, Legal and Social Issues Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The author of over 285 papers, 7 books, 210 book chapters, and 15 government white papers on brain science, ethics, and national defense, he is an elected member of the European Academy of Science and Arts, and an Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK).



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