Armoured Vehicles issues for Coalition Forces in Afghanistan with Sir John Kiszely

Posted: 04/15/2010

What apart from protection and survivability are the main armoured vehicles issues for coalition forces in Afghanistan? John Kiszely claims there are a number. One of the biggest is the ad hoc procurement of new vehicles. As a result, a single nation can have literally dozens of different vehicle types in one theatre–and a huge logistical challenge of this "mixed fleet"–carrying spares for them all; training mechanics on so many different types; the constraints on interoperability; and, again, expense. Some countries have a more systematic approach; the others are likely to move in the same direction, reducing the number of different vehicle types. But Kiszely thinks there will still be room for new designs bought "off the shelf"–not least because public opinion increasingly wants its troops to have the most modern effective vehicle–and room, too, for contracted solutions to logistics.


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