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On Point Podcasts Series

on point podcast series
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Current Podcast
Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett: Introducing Ireland's Samuel Beckett-class: Rear Admiral Mark Mellett With this year's event being held in Dublin, Rear Admiral Mark Mellett of the Irish Defence Forces (and the conference Listen now
Other Podcasts
10 years of the US Coast Guard's HC-130J Defence IQ continues its coverage of US maritime patrol developments with this audio programme featuring insight from Lt. Cdr. Ian Bastek. As the US Coast Guard's HC-130J Platform Manager, Bastek tells us how the aircraft has been enhanced since its introduction to the USCG a decade ago and what he Read more
Commander Âlvarez Maldonado, Director of Maritime Situational Awareness for the Spanish Navy, will be taking to the podium at this year's maritime surveillance conference but took to our airwaves before the event to discuss the current changes and challenges in the maritime security environment today. From Operation Atalanta, the MARSUR network Read more
The U.S. Coast Guard need cutters for Arctic operations Commander Kenneth Boda, PEO of the USCGC POLAR STAR, joins Defence IQ on the line to discuss the challenges he discovered onboard the Coast Guard’s flagship USCGC BERTHOLF last year for Operation Arctic Shield and the recent investment into icebreaker platforms critically required for Read more
Listen to our interview with Commander R. Bart Marsh, who heads the U.S. Navy’s Helicopter Maritime Strike Weapons School. Cdr Marsh’s school is responsible for training today’s Atlantic Fleet Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing detachments with the most comprehensive tactics and techniques available as well as ensuring future combat success of all Read more
Unicorns, snow and the economy: It’s the 5 minute debrief - 7th December 2012 In this week's debrief your host Richard de Silva talks about North Korea's projected timeline for its long-range missile launch, the fortunes of EADS post the BAE deal collapse, and unicorns.
How will warship armament develop in the coming years? Defence IQ speaks with Rear Adm. (Rtd) Massimo Annati, formerly of the Italian Navy and currently working as chairman of the European Working Group on Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW). He has an abundance of first-hand knowledge on the subject of warship armaments, and as such, makes for an ideal Read more
Col. Jeremiah Canty, Research Fellow at the Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities, talks to Defence IQ about the future of the Marine Corps. and how the service should be structured post Afghanistan.
Sealift and the efforts to increase European cooperation We speak to Colonel Christian Schmidt, director of the Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE), a crucial organisation that provides direct support to the EU and NATO in the realm of air, sea and inland surface transport, air-to-air refuelling, and strategic lift. Col. Schmidt Read more
Absalon: Update on the Danish Flexible Support Ship Commander Visti Salomonsen of the Royal Danish Navy discusses the logistical challenges in running the nation’s two Absolon-class vessels. From dealing with large areas of patrol during counter-piracy missions, upgrading modular features on a tight budget, and ensuring the crew remains primed Read more