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April 10, 2017 by Philip Green
In this article we will be exploring the digital tools and social tactics that Islamic radicals employ to entice, recruit, and organise western individuals to take up their cause. Topics that will be covered include the use of the dark web, digital literature, how social media apps are utilised leading to the creation of a 'Virtual Caliphate Read more
Tags: radicalisation | radicalization | counter-radicalisation | dark web
March 23, 2017 by Richard de Silva
Hanif Qadir, founder of a youth mentoring group and counter-extremist campaigner, condemns the UK government’s Prevent campaign and its 'misguided' selection process when it comes to funding P/CVE organisations.
Tags: counter extremism | counter terrorism | NGO | cve
March 2, 2017 by Alicia Kearns
Why do hackers hack? Consideration of the psychological and social motivations behind this activity leads us to discover a desire to compensate for an inability to effect change in the ‘real’ world. Alicia Kearns, Director of Global Influence, breaks down the research as part of Defence IQ’s Countering Violent Extremism series.
Tags: cve | countering violent extremism | hacking | hacktivism | Global Influence
August 11, 2016 by NATO CCDCOE
The Democratic National Convention hack constitutes a grave interference in the electoral process of a nation. Given the unprecedented level of attribution to Russian authorities, authors Matthijs Veenendaal, Kadri Kaska, Henry Rõigas and Can Kasapoglu analyse this attack in the broader setting of the use of cyber capabilities as part of influence Read more
Tags: NATO | ccdcoe | cyber security | cyber defence
August 8, 2016 by Richard de Silva
fbi cyber security
As information security threats to private businesses continue to increase, the risk to public data broadens, undoubtedly demanding a stronger and more coordinated effort between the private industry and the authorities.
Tags: cyber security | law enforcement | national security | ransomware
July 20, 2016 by Richard de Silva
threat intel
We explore how companies specialising in threat intelligence are keeping their voices heard above the noise in an increasingly busy market...
Tags: cyber | cyber security | threat intelligence
May 5, 2016 by Richard de Silva
As part of our summer 2016 Cybersecurity Review, we are seeking your input. Simply spend three minutes on our survey and let us know your general thoughts about the threats, vulnerabilities, procedures and prospects for cybersecurity in your organisation.
Tags: cyber
April 29, 2016 by Richard de Silva
In this article, we outline the cyber security efforts being made by Germany and Austria's energy and nuclear sectors, with insight from Cyber ICS DACH speakers Philipp Irschik (Energie-Control Austria) and Karl Waedt (Areva)...
Tags: ics | cyber
91 results
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