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On Point Podcasts Series

on point podcast series
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Spanish Artillery Training: structure, history and development: Spanish Artillery Training: structure, history and development This year, the Spanish Artillery School of Segovia turns 250 years old. As we discover from this podcast discussion with the head of Listen now
Other Podcasts
The 5 minute debrief - 5th October 2012 This week's debrief looks at the trouble on the Turkey-Syria border, the £37 million Viking deal, and our prediction of the week, which is....
Colonel Lorenzo D’Addario is the deputy chief of the Land Transformation Department with the Italian Army. In this interview with Defence IQ, he explains why his forces are investing €16 million into a reintroduction of the 81mm mortar, why this is seen as such a priority for the future of the Army’s strategy, and what he feels is the best Read more
Defence IQ speaks with Jerome Nathan, Head Engineer at the Mandus Group, about the soft recoil problem and its possible solution.
The Weekly Recap: In a valiant effort to avoid coming to the point, we've produced one of our longest roundtable podcasts to date. Fortunately, it's also exceedingly entertaining and, to some extent, informative. We jump off the deep end with Keith Mallon's commentary on the assassination of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani and this Read more
Urban survival challenges are an emerging priority that military trainers are keen to address. With two NATO flight crew having ejected over hostile territory in Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn, joint personnel recovery (JPR) experts are looking to refine current NATO standards. Major Bart Holewijn is the commander of Royal Netherlands SERE Read more
Lieutenant General Dick Appglegate, British Army, is the former Chief of Materiel (Land) at DE&S (UK Defence Equipment and Support organisation) and was a member of the Army Board, having served as Quartermaster General. He was also the NATO sector commander in Bosnia and the Deputy Commander of UK Forces for the entry operation into Kosovo Read more
Lieutenant General Johan Kihl is the Former Chief of Staff for the Swedish Armed Forces. He has been instrumental in introducing 'Network Enabled Capability' into the Armed Forces and has served as the Head of Long Term Planning, Deputy Director of the Joint Forces Directorate and Chief of Staff for the Swedish Armed Forces. He challenges the Read more
In this technical discussion of the German Army's IdZ body armour system, Armoured (Panzergrenadier) Captain Andrê Lehmann opens up about his experiences with wearing this new system in operations in Afghanistan. From mobility to adaptibility, this interview goes over the technical array of details that separate this system from its competitors Read more
Richard de Sliva of Defence IQ speaks with Colonel Anthony Johnson, Commanding Officer of the USMC Artillery Detachment, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Col. Johnson opens up about prospects for future Marine Corps indirect fire support, including an increased focus on 120mm rifled mortar systems as well as more deployable platforms for amphibious Read more