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Since achieving independence, the West African region has suffered through five large-scale civil wars. However, as this report explores, the recent presence of major intrastate conflict has dropped dramatically as West African countries enjoyed a significant watershed of political and societal stabilisation.
Energy is a fundamental enabler of military capability. The ability of the United States to project and sustain the power necessary for defence depends on the assured delivery of this energy. It must be available at home and abroad, across air, land and sea, often through adverse weather and against determined adversaries.
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Systematic, an IT solution specialist, has long been spearheading transformation for armed forces across the world with its SitaWare suite of solutions, which provide proven top-to-bottom situational awareness to all levels of command. Now, with fresh contracts with the US Army and New Zealand Defence Force, Systematic is looking to engage with Learn more
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Brian Lihani, Chief of the Radar Warning Branch at NORAD HQ, explains how a “system-of-systems” approach is helping NORAD to patrol the skies and "outpace the threat".
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derisking the supply chain
Defence ministries and major contractors would be at a loose end without vast global supply chains to provide the equipment needed to undertake operations in a timely, cost-effective manner. However, as these chains add more links, the complexity of managing them has steadily increased, while the risk of a single vulnerability – and its potential Read more
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Defence IQ Sponsorship Pack 2017
Showcase your organisation to over 100,000 Defence and Military professionals. By working with Defence IQ, our partners are elevating brand presence, positioning themselves as thought leaders, educating a large, highly targeted audience. Download our NEW Sponsorship Pack to learn how you can benefit from working with Defence IQ.
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With 7,107 islands and 10.2% of the world’s coastline, the defence capabilities of the Philippines are stretched to face challenges including piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing, pollution, smuggling and more. In response to these and other threats, the Philippines government has increased its 2016 defence budget by 9.2% for 2016, reaching a total Learn more
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The following report provides a select overview of SAR assets for countries with an interest in the Arctic, including details of the latest known programmes and requirements for equipment relevant to operations in the Arctic.
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Preparing for Rapid Deployment: The Future of Defence Logistics
Defence IQ spoke to Eric Bownes, the lead for strategy and solutions at Fujitsu Global Defence, about the future of logistics and how the transformation of IT systems will impact the market over the next ten years . Mr Bownes was a military logistician with the South African Air Force and has previously worked on the implementation of the RAF& Learn more
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Global Defence Spending Trends 2015
Using the most accurate and relevant data available, this report explores the military expenditure and defence budgets for each region, as well as breaking it down by nation.
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