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Defence IQ explores how Britain's ten-year £178 billion defence budget plan will allocated among resources and why some analysts are not... View now


No One Left Behind: MEDEVAC today

Listen to his rundown of incredible experiences and lessons fulfilled by US medics on the battlefield today.

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Tags: battlefield healthcare | casualty care
UK MoD Embarks on Open Architecture Strategy for Defence Procurement
Open Architecture is not a new concept in defence production. In fact, the US Virginia Class submarine planning and development process,... View now

Tags: open architecture | GVA | armoured vehicle | US Navy
The Threat is Imminent: Admiral Lord West Talks About Cyber Terrorism in the UK
This full length, exclusive interview on cyber terrorism gets inside the mind of Admiral the Lord West of Spithead, former Parliamentary Under... View now

Tags: cyber warfare | cyber security | Counter-Terrorism Act | Cyber Security Strategy of the UK
'There Are No Inconsistencies': Defence Minister Luff Says Defence Review Will Not Be Revisited

Defence IQ brings you the full and unedited version of our interview with Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology. At... View now

Tags: Peter Luff | Chinook | helicopter | SDSR

‘We Are Under Attack’: Defence Minister Luff Outlines the UK's National Security Threats

Peter Luff is the UK MoD's serving Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology. In this second segment of our exclusive... View now

Tags: SDSR | Asia | Europe | Peter Luff

'We'll Find the Money': Defence Minister Luff Opens Up About Defence Spending Gap

In our first interview with Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Peter Luff, we dive straight into the hard questions. We... View now

Tags: DE&S | Peter Luff | SDSR | MOD

Programme or Die: 3 Problems Software Designers Must Solve Before the Next Conflict

We sum up our comprehensive interview with Microsoft Defence Solutions by probing their 3 key priorities (with an emerging 4th) in defence... View now

Tags: Microsoft | logistics | cyber | warfare

'I'm a team player': Ainsworth Defends His Reputation as Defence Secretary

This is the closing segment of our controversial interview with Bob Ainsworth, former Secretary of State for Defence under Gordon Brown. We talk... View now

Tags: Bob Ainsworth | armour | Gordon Brown | Afghanistan

48 results
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