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Major General Frank M. Muth, talks through the process and progress in building a brand new helicopter capability for the Saudi National Guard,... View now

Tags: saudi arabia national guard | light attack helicopter | Boeing AH-6i


Defence IQ spoke with Brigadier General Michel Lalumière, Director Force Development, Royal Canadian Air Force, to explore the RCAF’s future pilot... View now

Tags: pilot training | Royal Canadian Air Force | training and simulation


Keith Flail, VP of Global Military Business Development at Bell Helicopter,... View now

Tags: bell helicopter | Military helicopter | tiltrotor aircraft


General Herbert J. 'Hawk' Carlisle discusses the U.S. Air Force's latest air combat efforts, including the benefits of the F-35 and the... View now

Tags: fighter aircraft | US Air Force | air combat command


Over its 15 year history Military Flight Training Community’s Annual General Meeting, bringing together over 250 Chiefs of Staff,... View now

Tags: flight training | lvc | simulation

Military Flight Training: Behind the scenes at the 2014 conference

Take a look at this video from behind the scenes at the Military Flight Training (MFT) conference that took place in London, UK in March 2014. It... View now

Tags: military flight training | MFT | video | promo video

Fighter pre-roll

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Tags: fighter
Through the Eyes of a Machine: Joint Forces Panel Attacks Autonomy Debate in UAVs

This unique panel discussion features Colonel Dale Fridley, Director of USAF UAS Task Force and Colonel Robert Sova, US Army TRADOC Capability... View now

Tags: UAV | UCAV | USAF | US Army

Back to the Future: MQ-X Brings UAVs Into the Conceptual Battlespace

Colonel Bruce Emig, USAF, is Chief of the Irregular Warfare Division, Headquarters Air Combat Command. In this presentation, he discusses the... View now

Tags: UAV | RPA | Predator | Reaper

31 results
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