Airbus Military and Israel Aerospace Industries come together on AEW&C programme

Airbus Military and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are combining forces to jointly develop and market a new version of the Airbus Military C295 platform fitted with an Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) system produced by ELTA Systems, a wholly owned IAI subsidiary. The primary sensor of the AEW&C will be the IAI/ELTA 4th Generation Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar with integrated IFF.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to this effect was signed today at the Le Bourget Airshow by IAI Corp. VP and ELTA President, Mr. Nissim Hadas, and Airbus Military CEO Mr. Domingo Ureòa. With this agreement, Airbus Military will expand its mission capability to the Airborne Early Warning & Command sector, while ELTA will be expanding its AEW&C fleet to include a turboprop platform.

The C295 AEW&C has been designed to provide high quality 360 Surveillance, creating in real-time an integrated Air and Maritime Situation Picture and Electronic Order of Battle. The AEW&C Situation Picture is shared with friendly forces via Network Centric data links.

A C295 fitted with a rotodome demonstrator is conducting flight trials from Airbus Military's Seville facility since 8th June. The initial tests have shown that the aircraft is aerodynamically an excellent platform for this purpose. ELTA Systems and Airbus Military are now conducting engineering studies to integrate the mission suite, including AESA radar, among other sensors, into the aircraft. The aircraft demonstrator can be seen on the static display at the Le Bourget Airshow.

Providing a new and very cost effective solution in the so far uncovered medium size market, the C295 AEW&C is both rugged and versatile. It can be configured with the full range of AEW&C sensor and control systems, including; AEW Radar, IFF, ESM/ELINT, CSM/COMINT, Self Protection Suite (SPS), Command & Control, Multi-Mode Radar, comprehensive communication suite including Network Centric Operation (NCO) Data Networks and Satellite Links.

The new generation C295 is the ideal aircraft for military transport and civil missions such as humanitarian aid, homeland security, maritime patrol, and environmental surveillance. Thanks to its robustness and reliability, and with simple systems, this medium sized tactical airlifter provides the wide versatility and flexibility required for personnel, troop and bulky/palletized cargo transportation, casualty evacuation, communication and logistic duties, or certified air-dropping capabilities. It is fitted with both civil and military technology equipment which ensures success in demanding tactical missions, as well as growth potential for future equipment installation and compatibility with the latest civil airspace environment. The C295 is part of Airbus Military’s family of light and medium airlifters which also includes the smaller C212 and CN235 platforms.