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Question Status:   Open

Which US Military unit or command regards itself as the Mafia with its leader known as the Godfather.

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Author: Jimmy: Add as a Colleague
Posted: 08/16/2010  1:33:59 AM EDT
Tags: mafia | unit | godfather

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View ProfileNik: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
12/15/2010 11:21:26 AM EST

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View ProfileChris: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
08/18/2010 2:39:03 AM EDT

Here in sunny Perth Western Australia we had a trivia contest on Curtin FM radio on exactly that subject...funny that.. a great station however. Check out the sight and tune in. The answer was US submariners and the god father is there Commander or words to that effect. If you are US Navy reading this your clarification on this answer may be interesting...waiting. PS The fellow asking about Cambell Barracks refurbishment and extentions here in Perth can you send me your email address to the unit and I will happily send you the blue print. Just kidding Dick,
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View ProfileChris: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
08/18/2010 2:23:42 AM EDT

Please type your solution here...
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View Profilejoemochan: Add as a ColleagueAdd as a Colleague
08/17/2010 12:00:09 PM EDT

There isn't one. I think you're thinking of the TV show Generation Kill which followed a US Marine unit whose CO had the nickname Godfather because he had a voice like the Godfather does in the film. It was specific to the character in the TV show not to the military unit in general.
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