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Can someone answer me why did NATO broke international law and the UN resolution of 1244 when declared "independence" of south Serbian province ? Also, why did you use depleted uranium, cluster bombs in 1999. bombing Serbia (yugoslavia) and why did you destroy bridges and other infrastructure if your goal was to put down Milosevic ?

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09/30/2011 9:57:44 AM EDT

NATO did not declared independence of Kosovo i.e Kosovo declared independence supported by NATO and EU and U.S.A,about the resolution 1244 well we know that UN Goal is to prevent war's(just like league of nations) but fact is that UN failed thus now NATO is somehow becoming military hand of UN by abusing interpretation of different resolutions. Depleted Uranium is Used because it's heavy meaning the bomb has greater kinetic energy and penetration potential,DU is not radioactive until it become heat for example after bomb explosion there are alpha particles and radiation which is against the Geneva convention because in long term the percentage of cancer and leukemia will grow. About the bridges and infrastructure-at first one thing must become clear and that is passive defence from air(yugoslavia Used old Tank's sherman heated so the infrared guided bomb will hit the wrong target(one tank was hit 7 times before it degraded) they also were using model's of aircraft,interesting NATO destroyed only 13 tank's which means that when they get the point(NATO) that they are wasting ammo hitting dummy they turned on infrastructure and petrochemical industry,bridges are strategic targets because they are used for transport of military supplies and are of great economic importance so they saw that they can't hit military so they went on economic subjects in order to put pressure on milosevic and serbian people anyway NATO bombing in Yugoslavia proved that war can not be won only with use of air fleet and strategic bombers indeed they(NATO)assumed that after 3-4 weeks bombing Milosevic would give up but they have failed. Primary goal of NATO was serbian troops in Kosovo and SAM defence but as we saw NATO dropped over 21 000 ton's explosive in Yugoslavia but there was no effect and air passive defence proved success.
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