Social Media in the Defence Industry

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Social Media in the Defence Industry

This 40-page report explores the use of social media in the defence industry. It is primarily focused on the commercial sector, considering what benefits, if any, social media offers to defence contractors and organisations. Based on a survey of defence professionals, the report also examines the use of social media within a wider context, looking at how the defence media and journalists are utilising social media as a tool to learn more about the industry and engage with suppliers.

The analysis of the survey data has been supplemented with proprietary interviews and desktop research.

The majority of survey respondents were from the commercial sector, accounting for 68% of total responses. This includes representatives from government organisations and prime contractors, 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers and other defence-related agencies. Defence media professionals (22%) and ‘other’ respondents (10%) complete the grouping of those surveyed.

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