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Samantha Tanner specialises in defence and security technology at She holds a degree in journalism from Kingston University and has previous experience in public relations, social media and blog journalism.

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  • The Australian Defence Force has announced its five year plan to open up its most dangerous military jobs to women.                Acting on the precedent of New Zealand, and more recently India who will be allowing women to pilot fighter jets in theatre from this month onwards, the Australian government is preparing to...Full Article »

  • It’s been a tough few days for the Defence IQ Blogging Awards panel as they’ve read, debated, discussed and come to a conclusion on who the winners are for the 2 nd annual Defence IQ Blogging Awards. The panel have clocked up an impressive number of hours of reading time and have been impressed with the quality of all of the 33 shortlisted blogs and the winners of each category have...Full Article »

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  • After many hours of discussion and debate, we’ve finally agreed on our shortlist for the eagerly awaited 2012 Defence IQ Blogging Awards. We’ve seen nominations from avid readers, bloggers, journalists and fans from across the world alerting us to the best blogging the industry has to offer. We’ll be revealing the winner of each category on Wednesday 20 th June 2012 when our...Full Article »

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  • After an overwhelming response in 2011, Defence IQ is proud to announce the Blogging Awards 2012 which recognises and rewards the hard work defence and military bloggers put in to ensure that information reaches the masses. To see the results from the Blogging Awards 2011, click here . New for 2012! This year we will be making the Awards bigger and bolder in an attempt to highlight the best...Full Article »

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  • Defence IQ speaks to Captain Edward Lundquist to find out about how modularisation affects the design and through life of surface combatants. Defence IQ          Captain Edward Lundquist, principal science writer at MCR Federal LLC, thank you for joining me today. Captain Edward Lundquist            Thank...Full Article »

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  • Defence IQ took two minutes out with Flt Lt Conrad Allen at the Joint Personnel Recovery conference last year to gain a clearer insight into why SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract) training in urban environments is important and also how to handle the environment troops can find themselves in. Why is it essential that training in urban SERE takes place? Previously military doctrine has always...Full Article »

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  • Defence IQ sat down with Michael Golombek, Material and Maintenance Section Leader of NATO Helicopter Management Agency at Military Aviation Repair and Maintenance in October to find out about some of the key areas of helicopter logistics. What is your primary area of interest? How to improve support in defense-related aerospace programs. For me the fact that support is the major contributor to...Full Article »

  • Advancements in Directed Energy Systems has never moved beyond the theory of the laboratory in recent years, however, 2011 saw progression in these technologies and 2012 will no doubt see the first use of directed energy within the battlefield. This sees an important move for directed energy as it is now being prepared for the battlefield. Primarily led by the U.S., this overview of the Directed...Full Article »

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  • Ahead of the forecast withdrawal of forces in 2014 NATO, nations are digesting the lessons from the conflict in Afghanistan and beginning to integrate them into the force development strategies of the future. Some may even find their way into the Afghan National Army as they prepare to take on full responsibility for Afghanistan’s internal security. By examining those lessons learned,...Full Article »

  • Lt Col Skip Stoltz is Commander of the US Air Force's 46th Test Squadron and, in this interview, he speaks with Defence IQ's Samantha Tanner about how warfighting elements must rely on testing to establish resiliency in many C4ISR elements.   Defence IQ:  You’re listening to the Defence IQ podcast on behalf of the Network Centric Warfare event taking place in Brussels in...Full Article »

  • Defence IQ: I am Samantha Tanner and with me today I am joined by Arnie Victor Director for Strategy and Business Development at Raytheon . Hello, Arnie thank you for joining us today. Arnie Victor: Thanks for asking us. DIQ: Just to start us off, how do you see the radar market developing in terms of current situation of broadly aging technologies often first conceived in the 70s and the broad...Full Article »

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