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For military decision makers, industry stakeholders and the fighting men and women of Europe, understanding the state of European defence is a top priority. In this regular column, the Defence Dateline Group will explore Europe’s defence dilemmas: asking the tough questions, shining a light on the biggest issues and providing you with the “food for thought” you need to tackle the challenges ahead.

The Group

Tom Wein – Editor

Tom is a defence industry and strategy analyst with experience in the Middle East and strategic communications. He has worked as a project manager for Strategic Communication Laboratories, and published numerous policy papers and articles.

Robert Knapp Columnist

Robert is a regular foreign affairs and defence contributor to BN magazine, with his principal areas of focus being naval strategy, European defence procurement and 20th century maritime history.

Laurence Conneely – Columnist

Laurence is currently studying for an MSc in Violence, Conflict & Development at the School of Oriental and African studies, with a particular focus on contested governance, geopolitics and insurgent & separatist movements across the Indian Subcontinent, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

David MorozColumnist

David is a former RAF reservist and War Studies graduate. His areas of interest include air power, British defence policy and the Second World War in Europe.

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  • by Tom Wein, writing for the Defence Dateline Group The Strategic Defence and Security Review  of 2010 has received some sharp criticism. It rested on a National Security Strategy that alluded to many sensible things, but did not articulate a clear direction, except on the issue of cost reduction. The review, done quickly by a smallgroup of mid-ranking officers, never had the...Full Article »

    Tags: mod

  • By Laurence Conneely Shadowing the creation of the newest state in Africa, South Sudan, and perhaps displaying some of the confidence and self-assurance that the Arab Spring has imparted to those engaged in struggles for political, ethnic and religious self-determination, the Tuareg rebel group the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) declared independence for the State of...Full Article »

    Tags: Mali

  • By David Moroz Nineteen months ago, when the new coalition government published its hurried and much-maligned Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), I was engaged in studying the review process for my dissertation. In interviews with officers and academics alike, all echoed the same warning: (I paraphrase) ‘The SDSR is only the beginning. You watch – the government will...Full Article »

    Tags: Fighter

  • By Robert Knapp Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister since 2009, is currently attracting much greater attention from the Western media than would normally be expected. For all the clichéd talk of Turkey being the ‘bridge between East and West,’ it is a country that has for many decades not exercised the diplomatic weight that it should, in either the Middle East or...Full Article »

    Tags: Amphibious

  • By Tom Wein Militaries and governments are not the only players in defence and procurement; they exist in a complex reciprocal relationship with the corporations that manufacture their equipment. Governments attempt to support their domestic arms industry as a strategic national asset (especially when the factories are in important constituencies). Yet industry, as often as not, looks globally...Full Article »

    Tags: BAE

  • By Laurence Conneely Events surrounding the crisis in Syria are rapidly unfolding and changing amid an escalation of the violence that has swept the country since March 2011. A second United Nations Security Council resolution has fallen by the wayside following a defiant Russia-China veto; the United States has closed its embassy in Damascus, and following suit we have seen the exodus of a...Full Article »

    Tags: Syria

  • By Robert Knapp As the 30 th anniversary of the Falklands War arrives over the horizon like a rather fearsome storm cloud, the media hysteria in both countries is slowly building to a fever pitch. The British media, going through a periodic bout of jingoism, is awash with scaremongering over the state of the island’s defences; while the Argentine media is dominated by heated debate about...Full Article »

    Tags: Argentina

  • For the past decade, Britain’s geopolitical strategy has been founded on remaining in close alliance with the United States, with a particular emphasis on keeping them involved in Europe. This strategy has now failed. The basic planks of British geopolitical strategy are determined by geography. At its simplest form, it is a choice between the US and Europe. History has made Britain wary...Full Article »

    Tags: Atlantic

  • As President Barack Obama announced to the world on January 5 th , the Pentagon’s new, Pacific-focused strategic guidance for the coming decade will require a fundamental revaluation of the budget and structure of the current two-ocean U.S. Navy. As aircraft carriers are the benchmark by which naval power of all blue water navies has been judged since the end of World War II, one difficult...Full Article »

    Tags: navy

  • A ground-breaking resolution agreed upon by the European Parliament in the closing sessions of 2011 have raised an interesting prospect - that European Union funds could be used to plug capability gaps for the continent’s militaries. Though a long way from formal endorsement, the ideas outlined in this resolution could indicate a radical new direction for the EU, which has up till now...Full Article »

    Tags: EU

  • As most of Europe marked the beginning of 2012 with the usual fireworks and pageantry, in Madrid, a far less welcome New Year’s surprise was being prepared. Under the recently elected leadership of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s government rang in the new year with a €14.9 billion package of tax increases and spending cuts. Yet while in recent months, observers have...Full Article »

    Tags: spain
  • 52 column results
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