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July 21, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
Hugh Griffiths, CEO, Inzpire
The Chief Executive of Inzpire, a UK company providing flight training, mission systems and managed services, believes that the company can reinvigorate the flight training market with reliable and cost effective services, and believes big primes should be doing more to acknowledge the value SMEs offer when it comes to a personalised experience.
July 18, 2016 by Richard de Silva
Maj. Gen. Jerry Harris, Vice Commander of Air Combat Command, USAF, spoke to Defence IQ about the current priorities for fighter development in the ACC.
Tags: fighter
June 21, 2016 by Defence IQ Press
This map reveals the latest known requirements and holdings for strategic and tactical airlift globally.
Tags: airlift
June 7, 2016 by Richard de Silva
The proliferation of ISR technologies over the past decade of conflict in the Middle East and Central Asia has led to these assets becoming a mission critical component in operations. With new operating environments come new threat types and new capability challenges. In order to maintain information dominance the Intelligence Community needs to Read more
Tags: ISR
June 7, 2016 by Richard de Silva
Are you involved in the U.S. intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance industry? C2 battle management or airborne early warning?
Tags: ISR
554 results
of 55