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437 article results
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  • Red Cross: Saving the lives of the life-savers
    Those who practice medicine in the battlefield routinely and voluntarily put their lives on the line. However, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is quick to point out, that does not mean those practitioners are exempt from the right, the need, nor the expectation for protection. If anything, those in the field conducting humanitarian aid missions are meant to be some of the most protected of all, working as they do to indiscriminately save the lives of any wounded person or victim of war. While there are laws that govern this protection, a lack of understanding or of concern across many regions torn apart by violent struggle means that protection is far from guaranteed. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   0
     Tags:   medevac
  • Giving MEDEVAC units room to breathe
    Most battlefield deaths – if government statistics are up to date – occur within the first 10 minutes of wounding. Naturally, every second counts, and so medical planners in the military refer to the window as the “platinum ten minutes”, replacing the concept of the “golden hour” that was once the more lenient response goal. Read more
     August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva   1
     Tags:   medevac
  • MH17 "blown out of the sky" over contested Ukrainian airspace, international investigation underway
    Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are believed to have been behind the attack at 35,000 feet, possibly with the use of a Soviet-era BUK missile launcher. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is blaming the Ukrainian government for the downing but US officials are suggesting bringing down a commercial jet at that altitude could not have happened without Russia’s help. Read more
     July 18,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   mh17 | ukraine | putin
  • Who is Michael Fallon?
    With news of Philip Hammond taking over from William Hague at the Foreign Office this week, speculation began about who would be appointed the UK’s new Defence Secretary. First Iain Duncan-Smith was mooted as a potential candidate and then Michael Gove was briefly in the frame after the rumour mill died down about the would-be sensational return of Liam Fox to the MOD. But in the end, David Cameron announced Michael Fallon as the new Defence Secretary. Read more
     July 16,2014 by Andrew Elwell   1
     Tags:   michael fallon | mod
  • Progressive Media Group
    Access new defence industry reports from Strategic Defence Intelligence. These reports offer global information on the latest developments in the defence industry. The research is complied from Strategic Defence Intelligence's unique monitoring platform which tracks global defence activity for over 2,500 companies and 65 product categories in real time and in a highly structured manner, giving a comprehensive and easily-searchable picture of all defence industry activity. Read more
  • 100 defence and security people you should follow on Twitter
    Twitter can be a great tool to help users learn about and understand issues in the defence industry. It offers instant, relevant and, if you’re following the right people, reliable information. Twitter also allows users to easily read a wide range of opinions and quickly appreciate many different angles on the same story. It can be beneficial to journalists and commercial organisations alike so the team here at Defence IQ thought it would be useful to share our top rated Twitter accounts with. Read more
     July 2,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   twitter
  • The world’s top 10 arms exporters
    Which countries have the largest defence industrial output? Which have the highest volume of defence and security equipment exports? According to SIPRI data, the US is the largest defence exporter, accounting for nearly a third (30%) of all global deals in the sector. Together with Russia (27%), the two Cold War superpowers account for well over half of all defence exports in the world. Read more
     June 27,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   exporters
  • Top 30 US Department of Defense Suppliers 2014
    The U.S. Department of Defensehas released a list of its top 30 suppliers in a move to increase competitive contracts in the sector and boost incentives for its “top performers.” The list was released by Frank Kendall, undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics and compiled from a Navy Department pilot project called the Superior Supplier Incentive Programme. Did your company make the list? Read more
     June 19,2014 by Andrew Elwell   0
     Tags:   dod suppliers | department of defense
  • 10 things to see at Eurosatory 2014
    Defence IQ spent the day at Eurosatory on Monday 16 June 2014 as the doors for this year’s event opened. The exhibition space is enormous and would take a full week to visit each stand in turn but we’ve come up with a list of the some of the first things you should go see this year. Which new products were unveiled? Which company stands are unmissable? We were there to find out – here’s our top 10. Read more
     June 17,2014 by Defence IQ Press   1
     Tags:   eurosatory
  • The 3 factors driving performance based logistics
    Dr. Kevin Burgess is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Management and Security at Cranfield Defence and Security. Defence IQ talked to Dr Burgess about military and defence logistics to learn more about current trends, and in particular how they pertain to Kuwait and the GCC countries. Here’s the transcript… Read more
     June 10,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   kuwait | logistics | defence logistics
  • The benefits and challenges of multinational, collaborative military procurement programmes
    Defence IQ had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Baudouin Heuninckx, the Head of Aeronautical Programmes in Belgian Defence’s Procurement Division to discuss multinational and collaborative procurement programmes, focusing on the benefits and challenges of such projects. Read more
     June 10,2014 by Defence IQ Press   0
     Tags:   belgian defence | kuwait | defence logistics

437 article results
   Page  of 44  
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