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  • March 27,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Why medical support operations begin and end with communication

    Alongside the establishment of AFRICOM, the United States and other Western nations have placed greater focus on a “long war” against terrorism, which involves bolstering weak and failing states so that governments possess the security and public confidence to stave off grass-root insurgencies. Dr. Charles Beadling from the Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM) tells Defence IQ how the organisation and other parties are contributing to the Phase Zero concept through healthcare.

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  • March 23,2015 by Andrew Elwell
    UK opens new innovation hub to accelerate growth as part of Defence Growth Partnership

    The Defence Solutions Centre, a product of the UK’s Defence Growth Partnership (DGP), was officially opened today in Farnborough. The new centre has been designed to bring together the leading authorities and the “best minds” from across the defence industry to develop innovative and cutting edge products and services for the Ministry of Defence and international customers. The UK DSC will act as an important hub for collaboration on research, design and technology in the defence market. It’s been created to maintain the UK’s global market share in defence and help accelerate its innovation and manufacturing base.

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  • March 18,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    Top 10 arms importers

    Which countries are most reliant on defence and security equipment imports? According to SIPRI data, India is again the largest defence importer, accounting for 15% of global deals in the sector. That is treble Saudi Arabia and China’s imports, which are the second and third highest respectively.

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  • March 17,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    Top 10 arms exporters

    Which countries have the highest volume of defence and security equipment exports? According to SIPRI data, The EU countries saw a dramatic downscaling in defence industrial output, accounting for just 12% of global arms sales during the period 2010-2014, down by almost half in just four years when it was 21% for 2005-2009. China overtook Germany as the third largest arms dealer, accounting for 5% of total sales.

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  • March 9,2015 by Richard de Silva
    5 steps militaries must take before deploying medical support

    What does it take for a military to provide medical support during times of crisis? Deploying forces to areas hit by natural disasters, civil conflict or the outbreak of serious diseases is a mission that has become increasingly prioritised among those with the capability, but doing so requires careful strategy. In this unofficial, illustrative step-by-step guide, we look at some of the potential considerations that armed forces must explore prior to placing boots on the ground.

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  • February 27,2015 by Andrew Elwell
    Why the recruitment and transition of military leavers into commercial jobs matters

    Four years ago Chris Recchia, a partner at global professional services firm Deloitte and non-executive director of the Veterans Council, began receiving more and more calls from people in the military wanting to know how to forge a career in management consultancy after leaving the armed forces. The tempo of operations was beginning to wane as the drawdown from Afghanistan picked up pace and, with the government’s intention to trim Army numbers down to 82,000 by 2020, more people than ever were considering a life outside the military and their next career step.

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  • February 10,2015 by Candyce Kelshall
    Throwing stones at drones: The international system and terrrorism

    We stand on a hill with a pocket full of stones. We watch the drone flying in from a distance crossing the borders of adjoining states. We watch as it drops a bomb which changes our lives and our humanity, irreparably. Our first response is to consider the drone ‘ours’ and the stone thrower, the terrorist. This assumption may be flawed.

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  • February 4,2015 by Candyce Kelshall
    ISIL: The ultimate hybrid enemy

    ISIL has grabbed the world’s attention with new levels of barbarism revealed in the scripted murder of the man known throughout the world as “the pilot”. Jordanian Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh has become a symbol for moderate Muslims, westerners and all who agree that ISIL must be dealt with for the sake of human decency.

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  • January 19,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Debunking the myths about additive manufacturing

    Aerospace and Defence (A&D) currently represents over 10 percent of the global Additive Manufacturing (AM) market. The metal AM sector alone has grown by over 70 percent in the last 15 years and industry primes widely acknowledge that AM will usher in a new era of design innovation and be pivotal in reducing production costs and simplifying logistics in the future.

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  • January 19,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    Why defence will benefit from the additive manufacturing revolution

    Additive Manufacturing (AM), otherwise known as 3D Printing, has been described as the ‘second industrial revolution’ due to its potential to impact on all industry sectors. For the defence industry, AM has been successful in prototyping but recent years have seen a clear push towards end-part production as the cost of machinery begins to fall. The question is, why should defence companies bother going through the effort?

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  • January 14,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Case study: Military logistics in Ukraine

    During the height of last year’s Ukrainian conflict, hundreds of soldiers lost their lives to the bloodshed in the east of the country. Read this case study to understand more about the logistics efforts by volunteers during the conflict.

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