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  • Saudi Arabia could be the key to America's 'Russia in Syria' problem

    Russia’s decision to plunge forward with airstrikes in Syria despite US warnings presents Washington with uncomfortable choices. If Russian strikes succeed in degrading the Syrian opposition, regional actors will increasingly look to Moscow as an influential power broker, crippling our efforts to isolate Russia for its actions in Ukraine and beyond. If Russian operations bog down and Assad’s regime falters, ISIL or other violent extremists will fill the vacuum of power in Syria.

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  • September 30,2015 by Serena Joseph-Harris
    Mexico's cyber security problem, ten years later...

    The challenges currently experienced by the government of Mexico, highlighted in the article ‘Mexico sets sights on cyber security’, in which it is stated that high value targets such as the country’s public institutions and critical infrastructure, financial institutions and oil and gas assets are under continuous assault by criminal elements intent on exploiting the cyber domain, are by no means a new or recent phenomenon. Neither is it specific to Mexico as a part of the much wider Inter-American landscape.

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  • September 17,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    Defence Secretary wants "Great British brain power" to drive innovation for future exports

    Speaking at DSEI in London this week, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon discussed the upcoming Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) and future developments within the MoD, including the potential realignment of its commercial research house DSTL.

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  • September 15,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    Defence Growth Partnership underscores importance of industry ahead of DSEI

    The UK’s Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) has published an overview of the joint work between government and industry to increase exports, boost productivity, encourage innovation and develop skills in the UK’s defence sector. The ‘Customer Ready’ framework demonstrates that the “UK defence industry is open for business”, according to Minister for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne.

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  • August 13,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Security Considerations in Africa

    Africa has been on something of a spending spree in the past few years, upping their stake in the global defence market while addressing urgent security challenges at home. For most states, reinforcing the reputation of a secure and civilised environment is the first step in encouraging foreign investment and commerce. Ahead of the African Security Summit, Defence IQ provides this collection of articles exploring issues including maritime piracy, armoured vehicles, strategic communications and EOD efforts across the continent. Click on the image below to download the eBook from our event website.

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  • August 12,2015 by Rory Jackson
    SDSR 2015: Rumour, insight and expectations

    Several decisions made in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) were lamented for being militarily unsound, with the House of Commons Defence Select Committee declaring “mounting concern” over the UK Armed Forces’ ability to accomplish their active missions. Now, with SDSR 2015 approaching, many within the industry are already preparing, amid increasing rumours and speculation, to address the potential market shifts arising from the next Review.

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  • July 22,2015 by Richard de Silva
    An overview of the Mexican security landscape

    This year the governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom have decided to celebrate the ‘Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom’ and the ‘Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico’. The objective of promoting better understanding between these two nations comes with both a cultural and economic benefit, with Mexico’s third biggest tourist group being residents of the UK (behind the U.S. and Canada). It is therefore appropriate that London-based Defence IQ is to host the MEXSEC 15 Summit this year in Mexico City with the aim of supporting the Mexican government to achieve peace through security cooperation.

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  • June 15,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Making cities safer: Video management and face recognition

    In efforts to stay ahead of threats to modern cities, more and more city planners are turning to advanced video surveillance equipment, taking advantage of developments in picture resolution, data storage and processing speeds. Of course, having cameras positioned in every corner of a city is only time- and cost-effective if there are strong systems in place with trained personnel to manage them. This year’s Safe Cities International conference will therefore be placing an emphasis on the identification, capture, collation and dissemination of intelligence – with automated video management systems (VMS) playing an important factor.

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  • June 2,2015 by Richard de Silva
    Air defence vital to Poland's national security, geopolitics in Europe

    This year, the Integrated Air and Missile Defence conference is branching out towards a special Eastern Europe-focused summit to be held in Warsaw this July. Senior ministers and officers from Poland, as well as the likes of Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Czech Republic have already been confirmed. It is perhaps a natural decision when considering Poland’s current geo-political situation and the emerging threats to national security, but it is worth noting that there are a number of programmes in the pipeline being eyed by the country’s leaders for potential investment and therefore further implications for the defence strategies of neighbouring states and of NATO allies.

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  • ThalesRaytheonSystems signs contract with NATO to strengthen theatre missile defence capabilities

    ThalesRaytheonSystems signed a €92.5 million ($101.5 million) contract with NATO for a significant upgrade to the Alliance’s current missile defence command and control capability.

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  • June 1,2015 by Defence IQ Press
    3D radar systems for Czech military expected 2017

    The Czech ministry of defence is looking to acquire 3D mobile radar systems from Israel-based Elta Systems, according to Czech daily E15.

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