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  • October 24,2014 by Inigo Guevara
    Mexico's defence industry in focus

    Mexico’s defence industry is almost entirely run by its military institutions and currently produces a variety of small arms and light weapons, 4x4 tactical patrol vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles interceptor craft, coastal and ocean patrol vessels.

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  • October 24,2014 by Georg Mader
    How the Chinese and Russian military aerospace industries are viewed in India

    At this pinnacle era of fifth generation fighter aircraft and their relevant technologies, India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and the Indian Air Force share the dubious privilege of a first-row seat to the development of their own PMF (Perspective Multi-role Fighter) project, based on the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA and the aerospace-industrial efforts of their Chinese rival, manifested in the form of the Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31. Now, perhaps because of a lack of reliable high performance engines and alloys, India is witnessing a sliding Russian foundation.

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  • October 8,2014 by Joel Mullish
    Eastern European nations bolster defence spending in the shadow of Russian aggression

    Eastern European states are reconsidering their military procurement plans in light of Russian intervention in Ukraine. States have watched despairingly at what they see as NATO’s failure to provide a robust response to Moscow and some are now looking to overhaul their own military capabilities.

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  • September 23,2014 by Joel Mullish
    An examination of military rehabilitation for wounded war vets

    The success of the Invictus Games opened a window into the world of the UK’s injured servicemen and women. Each of the 400 competitors had their own heroic and inspiring story of recovery, as thousands watched the competition unfold in events such as wheelchair basketball and sit-down volleyball.

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  • September 17,2014 by Richard de Silva
    US personnel recovery training efforts

    Americans involved in the field of Personnel Recovery (PR) count themselves among one of the most dedicated communities in the military and civil emergency domains, being that there is an ingrained commitment to seeing fellow servicemen and women returned home safely. Therefore, training for PR operations remains regular and consistent, with recent military exercises now providing more in-roads for external agencies and nations to cooperate in ways that emphasise a universal refusal to leave no one behind.

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  • September 16,2014 by Graham Carberry
    Unlocking India for the defence industry

    The arrival of the Modi administration in India is starting to show evidence of a more progressive approach to competition. A country that now accounts for over 17% of the world’s population has struggled to keep pace with its fellow Asian giant China’s growth, held back by an ageing and under-invested infrastructure that has fallen badly behind population growth, industrialisation and urbanisation.

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  • September 5,2014 by Defence IQ Press
    Defence logistics is "much more than numbers, dollars and contracts." Discuss

    Chris Markey is the Chairman of the Defence Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT). He provides advice and consultancy support in both commercial and defence sectors, primarily on supply chain and logistic issues. Ahead of his presentation at the Qatar Defence Logistics & Support Forum, Defence IQ spoke with Markey about the state of defence logistics…

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  • September 3,2014 by Richard de Silva
    Recovering personnel in Mexico: What commercial organisations can learn from the military

    Fielding a personnel recovery (PR) capability has long been considered strategically important to many militaries. It is needed to sustain morale, to increase operational performance, and to deny adversaries the opportunity to exploit intelligence or propaganda.

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  • September 2,2014 by UK Ministry of Defence [MoD]
    The UK's 5 priorities for the NATO Summit Wales 2014

    Six months after Russia illegally violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of her neighbour Ukraine, we must agree on long-term measures to strengthen our ability to respond quickly to any threat, to reassure those allies who fear for their own country’s security and to deter any Russian aggression.

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  • September 1,2014 by Defence IQ News
    Obama, Cameron call for greater European defence spending ahead of NATO summit

    Barack Obama and David Cameron are set to lead calls for European leaders to increase defence spending at this week’s NATO summit in Wales. NATO demands member states spend over 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) on defence but few other than the UK adhere to these criteria. Following a turbulent 2014 that saw Russia annex Crimea, increased violence in Gaza and the renewed militant threat in Iraq and Syria, Obama and Cameron will use the NATO summit as a platform to ask members to take security more seriously.

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  • August 5,2014 by Richard de Silva
    Red Cross: Saving the lives of the life-savers

    Those who practice medicine in the battlefield routinely and voluntarily put their lives on the line. However, as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is quick to point out, that does not mean those practitioners are exempt from the right, the need, nor the expectation for protection. If anything, those in the field conducting humanitarian aid missions are meant to be some of the most protected of all, working as they do to indiscriminately save the lives of any wounded person or victim of war. While there are laws that govern this protection, a lack of understanding or of concern across many regions torn apart by violent struggle means that protection is far from guaranteed.

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